Call for Papers

War Experience and National Identity in the First World War


University College London (UCL), School of European Languages and Cultures (SELCS), UCL European Institute, and Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

Date and venue: 16-17 April 2020, Institute of Advanced Studies (UCL), London


This two-day workshop aims to bring together scholars interested in questions relating to war experiences in the First World War, with a particular focus on the linkages between war experience and national identity. National identity was something obviously central to the war that was fought largely in the name of various national aspirations, but it is also something that offers much to explore and discover in its many nuances. Much research remains to be done on topics such as national minority identities in the multinational armies, the strength of supranational vs. national identities among civilian populations, complex national relations in occupied borderlands or prisoner-of-war camps, the use of nationalism in propaganda and counterpropaganda, and the way it affected the image of the enemy. We welcome proposals that consider these and any other aspect of the war experience viewed through the lens of national identity, which can be interpreted broadly.

It is our hope that this topic will be inspiring for a wide range of scholars and help us to bring together a diverse community of case studies and theoretical frameworks that would facilitate the exchange of knowledge and encourage new collaborative endeavours. Paper proposals (20-30 minutes + Q&A) are welcome from senior and mid-career academics and from graduate students. There is no registration fee. Lunch and conference dinner will be provided free of charge for the participants.

The language of the workshop will be English.

Please send the title and short abstract of your proposed paper, as well as a one-page CV, to the organisers by 28 February 2020.


The organisers:

Dr Mart Kuldkepp (

Dr James Connolly (